Embedded within the core of all spiritual teachings lies a universal truth: you are not your body. Undoubtedly a challenging concept for many to grasp given the complexities of the human experience: a near endless stream of unfolding dramas, constant thoughts, and the often wild and unpredictable emotions that accompany them. Lost in the jungle of our minds, most people have forgotten that their true essence is pure consciousness, infinite and eternal, temporarily occupying this fragile human form. Like the spiral shape of the chambered Nautilus shell suggests, the gradual journey towards Self-realization never ceases, even after these fleeting bodies have crumbled to dust. So what goes with us at death? The wisdom imprinted on our souls and the love we’ve given and shared with others. 

Acrylic, molding paste, and stones on watercolor board, 20" x 30." 2017

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