Peak Experience: All is ONE

The precious gift of Life is a remarkable ‘ride’ . . . a sometimes dizzying spectacle of movement, noise, light, and color. All of the countless things that we experience in this three-dimensional world presents itself as a paradox of seeming pairs of endless opposites. But don’t be fooled by the limits of your five senses. Beneath the surface of these temporary physical forms, each living being on the planet - regardless of how mainstream science classifies it, whether insect, bird, amphibian, etc. - shares a common unseen essence; an indestructible spark of divine energy that unites us as a singular Cosmic Family. Even supposedly rigid concepts like religious doctrines, when broken down to their core teachings, embrace the same essential beliefs. Our collective duty as conscious beings on the path towards awakening is to see beyond these apparent dualities, and to recognize the elemental truth underpinning the entire Universe: All is ONE.

Acrylic on watercolor board, 30" x 20." 2016

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