My name’s Christopher Palbicki and in 2015 I founded OM Made Studios, a creative platform committed to the expansion of human consciousness through art. I work out of the basement of my home, a beautiful little white house nestled on the edge of the American prairie in St. Paul, Minnesota that I share with my wife Shona and our two cats, Charlotte and Rocky. 

For many years I was a television producer living in Hollywood: well-paid but unhappy. Unhappy because my work was neither interesting nor creatively inspiring. In fact, the entertainment industry as a whole had me questioning the path I was on. In the summer of 2007, the Universe gifted me a wonderful blessing in disguise: I got fired from my dangerously comfortable corporate job. With the door to explore now wide open, I decided to follow an intuitive impulse and move to New York City. No job. No friends. Had about $4,000 in the bank, and no plan whatsoever. I was 36 years-old. 

A few weeks after arriving, I began practicing meditation . . . sitting silently, cultivating patience - or at least trying to - and above all, listening to the oft-ignored voice within. Soon, inspiring ideas began to surface and I felt compelled to rekindle a childhood passion that I’d long since abandoned out of fear and self-doubt: drawing. 

As my confidence grew, I moved on to watercolors, and by spring 2010 I’d discovered acrylic painting. Despite being a bit freaked out by the inner transformation that was taking place (was I seriously going to be a painter?) I was also too excited to even think of stopping. It sounds corny, but something deep within my core being was urging me to trust my instincts, abandon any pre-conceived comfort zones, and step into the unknown. 

Since then I’ve been teaching myself how to paint. No classes, mentors, or fine art degrees: I'm too old and frankly, I can't afford it. So it's just been me chipping away day after day. I’ve had my share of frustrating moments - I still have them - but I’ve also progressed in ways I never imagined possible. Over time and with lots of effort I’ve learned to see the world, myself, and my fellow beings from a completely different perspective. Among other things, I’ve discovered that it’s never too late to re-invent yourself . . . to essentially ‘start over’ and get onto a Life path that aligns more clearly with who you truly are, and who you were meant to become. 


“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” - Carl Jung