Lost & Found

A human life is shrouded in mystery. Despite our best efforts to control how the journey unfolds, most of us typically encounter a host of roadblocks, dead ends, and strange detours that, on the surface, appear to lead us nowhere. And yet, in spite of this apparent randomness, we live in a highly intelligent Universe that is continuously unfurling in absolute perfection. Even though the mind may believe in chance or coincidence, the reality is that we cannot step outside this vast field of pure quantum intelligence that surrounds and permeates us at all times. As we gradually deepen our connection to this enigmatic intellect - through channels like meditation and spiritual study - we slowly begin to understand, and eventually embrace, the idea that there are no mistakes in life, only discoveries to be unearthed. Any seeming randomness vanishes from our consciousness, having been replaced by an acceptance of whatever’s happening right now. The more you remain open to this kind of expanded perspective, the smoother your life goes. Unwanted experiences, losses, missed opportunities, and failures suddenly become welcomed pathways for personal growth. And therein lies a profound truth: you cannot step wrong, no matter how bleak and uncertain the road ahead gets. Everything that’s happening in your life is a teaching designed just for you. It may be hard for some to accept, but strange and unusual forces are afoot that brought you to this very moment, right here, reading these words. 

Acrylic, molding paste, and stones on watercolor board, 20" x 30." 2017

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