Artwork Done Consciously

OM Made Studios is a creative platform whose mission is to encourage, promote, and celebrate self-realization through art made consciously. Creative work done consciously is born of a dedicated practice involving regular meditation, spiritual study, self-inquiry, right action, and faith in oneself . . . all done in service to the wider global community. At OM Made Studios, we do more than create quality work - we convert ideas that matter into art that teaches and inspires by shifting our awareness.

So, when you buy something from us - or share it with others - you’re not just making a purchase or praising a piece of artwork. You’re absorbing vital energy that’s reflective of a new emerging global paradigm, and then generously circulating that same energy out into the world . . . energy imbued with the potential to transform the consciousness of the planet for the better, to awaken our individual hearts and minds to the true nature of ourselves, to free us from the bonds of self-doubt, bring joy, and encourage others to take similar action in their own lives. 


Unique Creative Voices

Given the many challenges we’re facing around the world - environmental, spiritual, economic, social - the time has come for a major leap forward in human consciousness. OM Made Studios can’t alter Humanity’s checkered past, but we can aim our unique creative voices in a positively charged direction that embodies the kind of widespread transformation that’s desperately needed. Remember, the waves that sculpt the coastlines are merely countless drops of water all moving together. 

As one of these proverbial ‘drops,’ OM Made Studios is here, like so many other dedicated individuals and organizations, to raise the consciousness of Humanity by offering a variety of aesthetic choices that serve our highest good - wisdom, courage, joy, gratitude, and compassion - while releasing those whose time has come - ignorance, fear, shame, hopelessness, and pride.  

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.” - Carl Jung